Nest's smart-home products will no longer be sold on Amazon

Nest's smart-home products will no longer be sold on Amazon

Members of Amazon's retail team reportedly told Nest on the call that the decision to not list the company's new products such as the latest thermostat and Nest Secure home security system came from the top.

E-retail giant Amazon has declined to feature any future products from Google's line of smart home products, Nest and as a result, Nest won't be restocking those items now listed on the site once they sell out.

Amazon already refuses to sell Google's Pixel phones and Google Home smart speakers.

Sources cited in the report said they were given the impression that the decision came directly from Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

Amazon a year ago declined to offer some of Nest's newer products like the Nest Cam IQ and latest-generation smart thermostat.

After that probably awkward conference call, Nest chose to just stop selling their products on Amazon because they want their whole portfolio of products available or nothing at all, according to a person familiar with the company's strategy.

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Amazon's decision to stop selling competing Google products reflects its dedication to making a name for itself the field of future computing platforms.

Along with Amazon, several other third-party sellers might deny selling Nest products.

With the Beast from the East continuing to rage on, I really wish I had some sort of smart device to effectively regulate the temperature in my friggin' freezing flat. The company also just purchased the video doorbell company Ring, for $1 billion to expand on its smart home line of products. The decision was made before Amazon announced to stop selling the company's products on its site.

Nest is the latest casualty in the ongoing war between two firms, both of which are trying to stamp their mark on the smart home space.

If Amazon's move sounds like a thinly-veiled plan to give Alexa the smart home edge, it likely is. Google responded by blocking Echo Show and Fire TV devices from accessing YouTube, claiming that the devices had violated Google's terms of service with the inclusion of the YouTube app.

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