Fortnite Battle Royale by Epic Games is coming to Android and iOS

Fortnite Battle Royale by Epic Games is coming to Android and iOS

With the recent announcement that the game is coming to iOS and Android devices, many players are wondering when will Fortnite be on mobile? An Android launch has been promised, but with a vague schedule of 'the next few months.

For those of you who don't know, Fortnite Battle Royale is a 100-person FPS free-for-all where you fight to be the last man standing. Epic Games claims that Fortnite will boast the "same gameplay, same map, same content, same weekly updates".

Battle Royale is free on consoles and PC, supported by microtransactions (which are cosmetic only), and we would expect the mobile edition for follow the same format. It's an interesting move from a console maker that continues to stand in the way of cross-console play between the PS4 and Xbox One or Switch.

The Fortnite Team says "We believe this is the future of games". This is a great question to ask because even though the game has been announced for mobile platforms, it isn't available on them just yet. It's a tense game with plenty of light-hearted moments and the cartoony graphics make it fun to watch and now, with the arrival of a mobile version, you never need to be far from the action.

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From Monday, iOS users can sign up to declare their interest in an upcoming "Invite Event" with selected invitations being rolled out over a period of time afterwards. "We'll be adding more players regularly over the coming months".

After a slow start in its original form, Fortnite debuted its more competitive "Battle Royale" mode in September and quickly surged to a massive 40 million downloads as of January. This means players across devices can squad up with friends and play together.

The iOS version is being made for iOS 11 on an iPhone 6S/SE, iPad Mini 4, iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, iPad 2017, or better.

For years now, gamers have gotten used to popular, big-budget console and PC games coming to mobile phones in the form of cheesy, heavily scaled-down "companion experiences" like match-three games or mindless screen-tappers.

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