Larry Nassar's Ex-Boss Charged With Criminal Sexual Conduct, Neglect Of Duty

Larry Nassar's Ex-Boss Charged With Criminal Sexual Conduct, Neglect Of Duty

"My client denies that he ever engaged in any inappropriate touching of anyone, any student or otherwise", said his attorney, John Dakmak.

His arrest comes following an investigation by the Michigan Attorney General's office that dealt with how the university responded to claims that Nassar abused patients.

Special Prosecutor William Forsyth, who was appointed to lead Attorney General Bill Schuette's investigation into MSU's handling of sexual misconduct regarding Nassar, announced Monday morning he will hold a press conference to update the public on the investigation at noon on Tuesday.

William Strampel, 70, who led Michigan State's medical school from 2002 until late past year, was arrested Monday evening and taken to jail on four charges - one felony and three misdemeanors - stemming from the Michigan Attorney General's Office's ongoing investigation of the role others at the school may have played in crimes committed by Nassar, the former Michigan State and USA Gymnastics physician accused by more than 250 girls and women of sexual abuse.

The university was in the process of firing Strampel for failing to monitor and enforce restrictions on Nassar following a 2014 sexual harassment investigation. One woman says she was grabbed on the butt by Strampel during a work engagement in 2010.

Nassar will spend the rest of his life in prison after he plead guilty to charges of child pornography and sexual assault.

According to a court record, William Strampel is charged with fourth degree criminal sexual conduct, two counts of willful neglect of duty and common law offenses. Strampel is accused of letting Nassar continue to treat patients unchecked by protocols that were supposedly put in place - thus allowing Nassar to "commit a host of sexual assaults against new victims until, following news reports of additional allegations against Nassar, MSU finally terminated his employment over two years later", the complaint says. Warrants were authorized by Judge Richard Ball on Tuesday, according to the Lansing State Journal.

Mr Strampel stepped down at the end of a year ago ostensibly for medical reasons, but initially remained on the college's payroll. At least 12 reported assaults occurred after the probe ended, including many during which Nassar made ungloved skin-to-skin contact when no chaperone was present, according to a university police report.

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Nassar was sacked in 2016 for violating the chaperone rules.

After Ms Thomashow's complaint against Nassar in 2014, Mr Strampel allegedly restored the doctor's position at the school, during which time he was able to molest 20 more women before coming to trial.

A Michigan State University dean who was Larry Nassar's boss is accused of groping and propositioning medical students and collecting nude pictures of them on his work computer. A simultaneous campus police probe of Nassar resulted in no charges being filed.

Nassar, the doctor for USA Gymnastics and MSU, was sentenced to lengthy prison sentences and admitted to using his trusted position to sexually abuse young girls for more than two decades.

MSU Interim President John Engler last month began steps to revoke his tenure. Nassar told police and Strampel that this was part of his cutting-edge medical procedure, and he was cleared of wrongdoing.

John Manly, a lawyer for numerous victims, said his clients were encouraged by the development.

The charges are apparently the first related to a Michigan Attorney General's investigation of sexual misconduct at Michigan State University.

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