Parkland students slam 'stupid' mandatory clear backpacks

Parkland students slam 'stupid' mandatory clear backpacks

Speaking about that comment, Shannon Watts, the founder of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, told Newsweek via text, "I continue to be both shocked and incensed by what is clearly a coordinated attack on the Parkland students-who are children and also survivors of gun violence".

"The over-policing of our schools may cause more cases of racial profiling", Kai Koerber, a 17-year-old junior, said in a previous interview with Mic.

Many students have lashed out at the new policy, saying it made them feel like they were in prison.

"We need real change", she painted on the front of the bag.

"We come to school to learn, so I don't think that we should need to subject ourselves to these measures".

It's just that with this piece of security theater, the people who suffer the infringements on their liberties are gun owners rather than (or as well as) students. He said it makes his fellow students uncomfortable, particularly girls who may carry feminine products. Last weekend, they took their fight for stricter gun control laws to Washington and other cities in what they called a March for Our Lives. "But it made me feel better because we all looked the same".

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Metal detectors and metal detecting wands are not now in place on campus, but their use is being considered.

Once inside, they were issued mandatory see-through backpacks and ID badges which must be worn at all times.

In addition to the shooting, there have been a string of other incidents at the school, including a student making a threat on social media, two students being arrested for bringing knives to school and the brother of killer Nikolas Cruz being arrested for trespassing on the campus. "As a first step, we are looking to see if we can get the kids through these entrances in a timely manner", Principal Ty Thompson said in a March 30 memo to parents. This new rule is part of added security protocols at the high school, as outlined by the school district's superintendent Robert W. Runcie in a letter sent out on March 21.

"It is very hard to balance both convenience/privacy with safety/security; if there is more of one, the other often suffers, but I will do my best to balance the two", he wrote.

"This backpack is probably worth more than my life", student survivor Carmen Lo wrote.

Classroom doors will also be locked at all times and exterior doors and gates will be locked and secured throughout the day. The bags were donated to the school by Walmart and the Broward Education Foundation, the Sun-Sentinel newspaper reported.

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