Cynthia Nixon wants to legalize weed in NY

Cynthia Nixon wants to legalize weed in NY

Cynthia Nixon (who you may know as Miranda from Sex and the City) today posted a video expressing her thoughts about the legalisation of marijuana in NY.

Today, she released a video on social media outlining another sensible position that further positions her as the choice for New Yorkers who are exhausted of Cuomo's staid centrism: legalize weed!

She also says legalizing marijuana can also generate much-needed tax revenue and create new agricultural opportunities for the state. "If there was more political courage coming out of Albany, we would have done this already", she said in a dig at Cuomo.

Cuomo now opposes full marijuana legalization, but NY state committed $10 million in grant funding to the Industrial Hemp Research Initiative in 2017, in order to encourage hemp production in the state. Adding to her particular form of branding, the former actress posted a new campaign video to Twitter highlighting her support of marijuana legalization.

Nine states and the District of Columbia have legalized the recreational use of marijuana.

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"Why haven't we legalized marijuana?"

Nixon said people of color are arrested at high rates for using marijuana, something white people do "with impunity". "You have MA, you have New Jersey talking about it - that would be a fundamentally different situation for the state of NY".

"A lot of you have been asking about my position on marijuana so here it is", she said in the video. Activists noted that the policy targets people of color and puts undocumented immigrants at risk of deportation when they are arrested for low-level offenses.

The measure announced Tuesday would apply to the private and public sector. He once called marijuana a "gateway drug" and even initially opposed legalization of medical marijuana. "It's been a gratifying and illuminating experience and I hope the work we've done will contribute to a fairer and brighter future for women and girls everywhere".

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