FTC-mandated audit cleared Facebook's privacy policies in 2017

FTC-mandated audit cleared Facebook's privacy policies in 2017

This was done to make sure that Facebook didn't break the 2011 FTC consent decree and deceive customers.

Audits such as the one released Friday are performed twice a year, as stipulated by a settlement between Facebook and the FTC entered into in 2011.

Details: The Wall Street Journal reports that a PricewaterhouseCoopers audit-which was required for the social network to comply with a 2011 settlement made with the Federal Trade Commission-was finished previous year.

The document explicitly stated that PwC believed that the social media platform was compliant with all of its responsibilities, prompting concerns surrounding the effectiveness of the FTC's measures, as well as the thoroughness of external audits.

An audit of Facebook's privacy practices for the Federal Trade Commission found no problems even though the company knew at the time that a data-mining firm improperly obtained private data from millions of users — raising questions about the usefulness of such audits.

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PwC essentially said that Facebook was operating an effective privacy program during that time period. Grassley confirmed that he asked the Facebook CEO to testify at an upcoming hearing relating to data privacy that would examine "the protection and monitoring of consumer data". Our request related to an external arbitration process four years ago between Aleksandr Kogan - the academic accused of scraping and selling millions of Facebook profiles to political consultancy Cambridge Analytica - and Cambridge's psychometrics center.

The 87 million Facebook users affected included almost three million Europeans and Zuckerberg is also under pressure from EU lawmakers to come to Europe to shed light on the data breach.

However, Facebook has been identified to have both internal and external material risks that could result in any of Facebook's third-party apps collecting data without explicit permission from users. Users will also have the option to download data collected by Facebook such as uploaded photos, phone s shared with the site and posts on users timelines.

Facebook made a statement following the scandal announcing that the website is dedicated to protecting people's information.

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