Google Assistant to get six new voices

Google Assistant to get six new voices

WaveNet is the same program that is powering Google's DeepMind AI, and by feeding it voice tracks from a source, the final product is a working, functioning voice that Google can use to replace the default voice of Assistant. Now instead of having to say "Hey Google" or "OK Google" every time to give a command, users only have to do this one time and then have a conversation with the Assistant.

No doubt new ways of monetising voice search are also being developed right now.

Lastly, Google also announced six new voices coming to the Assistant, and the voice of John Legend will be available later this year. That brings the total to eight different voices you can talk to, with, and communicate daily. As you type, Smart Compose pops up suggestions about what you might want to write next - similar to Google autocomplete. The Assistant will be able to understand when you're talking to it versus someone else, and will respond accordingly.

Google introduced some other features on Tuesday to stop users from behaving badly.

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Next, tap on "Settings" and then under Google Assistant, again tap on "Settings".

Amazon started the current trend of voice assistants when it launched the Amazon Echo four years ago. The new powerful Assistant can now distinguish between two sentences that are joined by "and" and can reply with two different query-specific answers in one go. When a kid asks the Google Home or Assistant something, using words like please and thank you will be understood, appreciated, and rewarded.

This summer you'll be able to enable "pretty please" on any Google Home or third-party smart speaker.

An upgraded "Time Spent" initiative helps you keep track of (and limit) how much time you spent using various apps, an effort to help you feel the "joy of missing out" - you know, JOMO. You just need to surf through menus and order from different places like Applebee's and Starbucks. Google is focusing more on the visual side for the Assistant. This includes things like connected blinds, kettles, ovens, refrigerators, fans, air purifiers, coffee makers, and sprinklers. As the Huffington Post recently noted, half a billion Apple devices have Siri on them; Amazon sold tens of millions of Alexa-enabled devices during the 2017 holiday shopping spree, and Microsoft's Cortana has nearly 150 million active monthly users.

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