Body found in Florida pond after teen yelled 'it bit me'

Body found in Florida pond after teen yelled 'it bit me'

Even the Orange County Sheriff's Office tweeted Thursday the lady has never been understood and deputies do not understand how she made to the fenced-off pond.

Police in central Florida now state a body present in a alligator-infested pond can be really a lady and there aren't any indicators of trauma for her body.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, the Orange County Fire Rescue joined rescue efforts that continued into the night.

Authorities in Florida are investigating a report that a teen was spotted struggling in a retention pond and screaming about being bitten before he disappeared.

A water rescue is underway in an Orlando lake on Wednesday after reports of a possible gator attack. The teen eventually went underwater and didn't resurface, he said.

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The woman's body was found that afternoon in the pond nearby Orlando. Perez said he saw a gator two days ago. There are probably four alligators that I've seen.

"No Trespassing" signs are posted around the fence pond; however residents told WFTV that people still swim and fish there despite the alligators.

"We did not witness anyone in the water but we have a witness, a very credible witness, who saw someone flailing about in the water and at some point making a statement saying, it bit me it bit me", said Jeff Williamson with the Orange County Sheriff's Office.

Authorities told local media that the alligator was six feet long - too small to inflict serious damage on a human, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

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