Hawaii braces for major volcano eruption, prepares for possible evacuation of 2000

Hawaii braces for major volcano eruption, prepares for possible evacuation of 2000

They evacuated their home on May 3, and only found out it was destroyed when a relative went back to get her personal belongings.

And now, scientists are warning that an explosive eruption may occur at the summit crater within weeks.

Geologists said Kilauea may be entering a new phase of explosive eruptions not seen in almost a century that could hurl "ballistic blocks" weighing up to 12 tons for half a mile (800 meters), and rain pebble-sized fragments for another mile or two (1.8 to 3.2 km). When the molten rock reaches groundwater levels, pressurized steam can cause an explosion, shooting rocks and ash miles away from the crater. The observatory warned that "a sequence of violent steam-driven explosions may be the first sign that activity of concern has commenced".

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Officials say they aren't expecting a possible explosive volcano eruption to be life-threatening as long as people stay out of a surrounding Hawaii national park that's preparing to close. The lodge, which has 12 rooms and 4 cottages, has had a handful of cancellations. When the water hits the lava, it also steams. "Once a new batch of hotter, gassier magma makes it to the surface we might see larger, higher eruption rates". Rockfalls into the crater are generating small ash clouds, but active eruption and spatter has paused along the lower flanks overnight-yet could still restart at any time.

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"It's just frightful. You can't breathe in there", said evacuated resident Robynn Stagg, 58, who drove through the thick, orange sulfur dioxide haze earlier this week in a failed attempt to check on her home.

The CEO of the Hawaii Tourism Authority, the agency that markets Hawaii to the world, said Kilauea is being monitored around the clock to provide the public with the best information. Szigeti noted that the Big Island is "immense" and there are large parts of the island unaffected by the volcano.

Like the town of Kamuela which is home to vast cattle ranches and Hawaii's own cowboys, called paniolo. "We know it is a distinct possibility". "And we don't want to seem callous and inconsiderate in our messaging and our promotion of the island", he said. However, he also noted that tourism is the island's biggest industry and people's livelihoods are dependent on visitors coming.

US President Trump declared a major disaster in the Kilauea island of Hawaii days after series of quake and volcanic eruption.

"Today, President Donald J. Trump declared that a major disaster exists in the State of Hawaii and ordered Federal assistance to supplement State and local recovery efforts in the area affected by the Kilauea volcanic eruption and earthquakes beginning on May 3, 2018, and continuing", White House said. It also covers costs for emergency protection measures including personnel for security and roadblocks, geologists and the military.

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