Medical NGO: Israel must allow wounded protesters to leave Gaza for treatment

Medical NGO: Israel must allow wounded protesters to leave Gaza for treatment

Israeli forces have once more opened fire on Palestinians taking part in anti-occupation protests along the border between the besieged Gaza Strip and occupied territories, leaving a man dead and at least 170 others wounded.

Meanwhile, a Palestinian was killed and 448 were wounded by Israeli army fire Friday in renewed confrontations on the Gaza border and some areas in the West Bank.

Since the protests began on March 30, at least 48 Palestinians, including five children, have been killed by Israeli snipers and almost 8,000 wounded by live fire, tear gas and "non-lethal" rubber bullets fired by Israeli soldiers.

The protests will culminate on May 14 and 15, when the Palestinians mourn the 70th anniversary of Israel's creation.

Jaber Abu Mustafa, 40, was shot in the chest and killed near Khan Younis in the south of Gaza, the ministry said.

The opening of the USA embassy in Jerusalem became a reality when Trump made good on a campaign promise to relocate the embassy from its longstanding perch in Tel Aviv to Israel's capital city of Jerusalem.

"Israel says it has a right to defend its border and has accused Hamas of using the protests as a cover for attacking the border", writes Yahoo.

Dozens of Palestinian youths set fire to the Kerem Shalom border crossing, the only point where goods enter Gaza from Israel.

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It said about 15,000 Palestinians participated in Friday's protests, during which "rioters hurled pipe bombs and grenades towards Israeli troops, sabotaged security infrastructure, burnt tires and hurled rocks towards the security fence and at troops".

Israeli forces responded with tear gas and live ammunition, according to Gaza's health ministry. Yehiyeh Sinwar has said Monday's crowd will be unarmed and peaceful, but also compared it to a "starving tiger".

An Islamist terror group which seeks to destroy Israel, Hamas violently took control of Gaza from Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah in 2007, two years after Israel withdrew its military and civilian presence from the Strip.

Asked what concessions the United States had won from Israel in exchange for the move, a senior administration official said that was not what the decision was about.

Friday's protest comes just three days ahead of what the Hamas leader of Gaza says will be a march by tens of thousands who could burst through the border fence into Israel. Thousands of protesters gathered in the Indonesian capital's National Monument park, waving Palestinian flags and carrying banners - including one that read "Stop, Trump!"

The question of Jerusalem is one of the thorniest issues in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

From there, smaller groups moved closer to the border fence.

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