Elon Musk's Boring Company is 'almost done' with its LA tunnel

Elon Musk's Boring Company is 'almost done' with its LA tunnel

After TED Talks tweeted a quote from Shotwell's conversation, Musk replied with his own bit of news: The Boring Company's underground hyperloop would play a role in quickly getting people to the BFR launch ports.

The MTA said in a statement on Thursday night that it would coordinate with The Boring Company on a test tunnel near Sepulveda Boulevard, one of the busiest roads in Los Angeles.

Musk said the company's in-city Loop system aims to bypass traffic congestion by offering $1 rides in electric passenger pods through its tunnel network.

That's the promise of the Boring Company in a nutshell. "The only time you actually stop would be when you exit", Musk said. (TSLA) electric vehicle maker, also said he would offer free trips through the first two research tunnels he completes to get public feedback before proceeding with a larger system.

The Boring Company's angle has always been to make tunnel digging more efficient, and Musk has purchased a second-hand machine for his company to study, which has been christened "Godot".

According to the Musk's plan, the vacuum Hyperloop tubes will enable traveling at 300 miles per hour.

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Musk pledged his tunneling venture, to be built well below the city's utilities and existing metro lines using electronic boring equipment, would be virtually noiseless. Just last month, SEC documents were filed detailing that Musk's Boring Company had raised just shy of $113 million.

The lawsuit from the Brentwood Residents Association and the Sunset Coalition alleges city officials violated the California Environmental Quality Act, which "can't be evaded by chopping large projects into smaller pieces that taken individually appear to have no significant environmental impacts".

The plan calls for excavated soil to be compacted into concrete reinforcement segments for the tunnels, or turned into construction bricks.

Elon Musk's transportation system under the surface of LA finally has a name, and it's a play on his other transportation system Hyperloop. If the Boring Company wins all the regulatory go-aheads that are required, Musk's past record of hard-to-imagine achievements may be a big reason why. "It's the only way we can think of to address the chronic traffic issues in major cities", Musk said.

"The crowd was majority male, and there were very few people of color", neighborhood leader Andres Cuervo told the Los Angeles Times.

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