Charged With Rape, Weinstein Posts $1 Million Bail and Surrenders Passport

Charged With Rape, Weinstein Posts $1 Million Bail and Surrenders Passport

Film producer Harvey Weinstein surrendered to New York City police on Friday on charges of rape and sex abuse, months after he was toppled from Hollywood's most powerful ranks by scores of women accusing him of misconduct.

Harvey Weinstein has been formally charged with rape and sexual abuse after turning himself in to police in NY.

Weinstein arrived at a NY police precinct holding Richard Schickel's biography of the stage and film director Elia Kazan and Todd Purdum's "Something Wonderful: Rodgers and Hammerstein's Broadway Revolution".

Harvey Weinstein appeared in court Friday morning on sex crime charges based on two alleged incidents where he is accused of forcing women into sexual activity.

In its statement, the New York Police Department thanked "these courageous survivors for their courage to come forward and seek justice".

The charges came following a joint investigation between the NYPD and the Manhattan District Attorney's office.

More than 70 women have accused Mr Weinstein of sexual misconduct although the charges relate to only two of them.

Outside court on Friday, the attorney said Weinstein vehemently denied the charges and would fight to get them dismissed. Film actress Rose McGowan said Weinstein raped her in 1997 in Utah, "Sopranos" actress Annabella Sciorra said he raped her in her NY apartment in 1992 and Norwegian actress Natassia Malthe said he attacked her in a London hotel room in 2008.

Some of Weinstein's accusers, including two women leading the charge against the 66-year-old producer, Asia Argento and Rose McGowan, took to social media to voice their thoughts on Weinstein's arrest.

Another accuser Lauren Sivan tweeted: "It's been a long time coming and today my fellow victims and I rejoice and pray no one ever underestimates the power of women when we stand together + scream the truth #WeSpoke #MeToo #TimesUp #LockHimUp".

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Brafman said he had been speaking to Weinstein about 20 times each day and said he was, at times, "lonely and angry".

Evans, now a marketing consultant, told The New Yorker that Weinstein approached her in a club in 2004 and that an assistant subsequently set up a daytime meeting at the Miramax office in Tribeca.

She added that seeing him in handcuffs, despite the fact he could be seen smiling, is "a very good feeling". Sources told the Wall Street Journal that one angle federal investigators are looking at is if Weinstein lured women to leave one state to go to another in the process of committing a sex crime.

You can head over to Variety for their full report on Harvey Weinstein turning himself in to NY police, and take a look at a number of tweets from those responding to the arrest, including Rose McGowan's interview on Good Morning America.

In the Strauss-Kahn case, Brafman said at the time he planned to argue that the woman must be lying because she was much larger than the accused.

She also says her "brave and attractive client has sacrificed her privacy and peace to come forward" and asks that she be left alone.

Weinstein has said repeatedly through his lawyers that he did not have nonconsensual sex with anyone.

NY police previously confirmed another credible rape allegation after "Boardwalk Empire" actress Paz de la Huerta accused the former producer of raping her twice at her NY apartment in late 2010. Since the allegations broke past year, more than 80 women have come forward to share their stories of abuse at the hands of one of the most powerful men in Hollywood. He didn't respond to shouts of "Harvey!"

That said, he was charged with first-degree rape and sexual abuse.

Media reports detailing the allegations against Weinstein touched off a series of public accusations against and revelations about sexual misconduct by a number of powerful men in politics, business, media and other industries.

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