Apple Lists Third Party Speakers and Receivers That Will Support AirPlay 2

Apple Lists Third Party Speakers and Receivers That Will Support AirPlay 2

Apple on Tuesday has officially released iOS 11.4, the latest update to its mobile operating system.

Apple has rolled out iOS 11.4, which finally includes the AirPlay 2 technology first announced nearly a year ago. Essentially, the new setup makes it easier for users to play in-sync audio through all (or only some) of the speakers in their home. Following the update, AirPlay 2 opens up a whole world of multi-room streaming capabilities that were previously not available on the iPhone or iPad, such as controlling multiple speakers, which, up until now you were only able to do on the MacBook.

AirPlay 2 is Apple's updated way to store content to TVs and other devices. While listening to music, all you need do is select or unselect where the music is playing, or you can ask Siri to play music in a room, a group of rooms, or everywhere in the home, much like Sonos's existing offering.

The company also confirmed that HomePod will arrive in Canada, France, and Germany starting June 18.

Have you bought a HomePod speaker yet? You could use it to cue a song on your iPhone and play it in multiple rooms around the house at the same time, or choose which AirPlay speaker to stream to in your house.

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The AirPlay 2 update also allows two HomePods to connect via stereo pairing. Apple likes to emphasize that with HomePod's 360 sound, it's more than just left and right. This advanced pairing functionality senses the location of your HomePod in the room to balance its sound.

IOS 11.4 is out, and it brings with it a feature that was first promised to us in iOS 11.3 created to help streamline messaging between devices.

When setting up a new device, a user's iMessage threads will be added automatically.

Extra iCloud storage space isn't all that expensive - plans start at $0.99 for 50 gigabytes - but if you don't want to have to start giving Apple more money on a regular basis, you should be mindful of the fact that Messages in iCloud could be what pushes your iCloud usage over the edge. That means people will be able to access all their messages, even if they get a new Apple device, and deleting a message on one device gets rid of it across all of your devices.

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