Queen displays previously unseen photo of Prince Harry and Meghan

Queen displays previously unseen photo of Prince Harry and Meghan

Markle and Harry have received £7 million ($12.3 million) worth of "publicity stunt" gifts so far, according to United Kingdom news outlet Express, and every one of them are being returned to the sender. So we thought it was safe to take a little break from Harry and Meghan spotting.

Royal weddings have a history of being one of the most-viewed TV events of the year, but 2018 may turn out to be different. Royals are usually not allowed to accept gifts from individuals they don't personally know, as Cosmopolitan reported.

One swimwear company sent the couple bathing suits in hopes they would use them on their honeymoon, according to The Express.

The reason is, of course, royal protocol. The pair will reportedly spend their weekend at the home known as Westfield Large while their official residence at Kensington Palace is being renovated.

Prince Harry and meghan Markle on the way to their wedding party.

Additionally, Harry and Markle, as well as other members of the royal family, can not accept gifts from people they do not personally know, as they'd be unable to understand the giver's true motives.

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It hailed Scottish Conservative leader Davidson's "relatable personality and progressive ideas" and said McCartney ran "one of the most forward-thinking and powerful independent houses in fashion".

Several publications have called the Duchess's influence "The Meghan Markle Effect".

The marriage of Prince Harry, 33, a former royal wild child and the sixth in line to the British throne, and 36-year-old Meghan, a biracial divorcée, was unlike any the royal family has ever experienced. Not without scandal: designer from New Zealand Emilija Wixted said about plagiarism.

If the trip does take place, it will be the first time Harry meets his new father-in-law in person.

When asked to sign autographs, Prince Charles reportedly always responds with the same answer: "Sorry, they don't allow me to do that".

In her column for The Spectator, the actress admitted that she found the dress code for the nuptials at Windsor Castle "tricky", because they required her to wear a hat.

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