Federal judge to hear from Stormy Daniels lawyer in Cohen case

Federal judge to hear from Stormy Daniels lawyer in Cohen case

A hearing in Manhattan federal court Wednesday was partly focused on whether Mr. Avenatti could be admitted to practice in NY on behalf of Ms. Clifford, professionally known as Stormy Daniels.

If I am wrong, Mr. Cohen and his atty should prove it. Davidson represented Clifford when she received $130,000 from Cohen in October 2016 for, she claims, silence over an alleged sexual tryst with Trump in 2006.

Upon leaving the courthouse in lower Manhattan, Cohen - who also has the Fox TV star Sean Hannity as a client - did not reply to a shouted question about whether he meant to cooperate with prosecutors.

"As a result of our efforts, there was a shocking admission that was made in court today, namely, that just like the Nixon tapes, we now have what I will refer to as the Trump tapes", he said.

Hendon also took this opportunity to lay it on thick, accusing Avenatti of contradicting his own sworn affidavit submitted to the court on the matter.

"It is no longer necessary in light of the motion to intervene, which may not be necessary, being delayed", Avenatti wrote in an email.

The case involving documents taken from Michael Cohen's office, hotel room and home was back in front of a federal judge on Wednesday, and we learned a few different things.

Federal prosecutors declined to touch upon whether or not they would attempt to reassemble the contents of the shredder earlier than turning them over or whether or not the very existence of a shredding machine necessitated the search warrant out of worry Cohen was trying to destroy proof.

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"Any media report citing "unnamed sources" (and not a single document) suggesting we are delaying the investigation into Mr. Cohen and DJT is completely false and without basis". This material, she said, would be turned over to Cohen's team as soon as possible. "It didn't bother me one bit", he said.

"I can't stop you, unless you're participating in a matter before me", Wood said to Avenatti in the packed courtroom in Manhattan Wednesday.

In response, Cohen's attorney said he was unaware of the release of any audio file, noting that if it had been released, they would be "everywhere" and that "if" the audio files existed, they would be "under lock and key at my law firm".

"Our understanding is there are countless hours of recordings of conversations between Michael Cohen and others", he said. The US attorney's office in Los Angeles said Avenatti has paid at least $1.5 million of that total, but he and the firm missed a payment due last week.

Cohen and his attorney's "are hell bent on continuing to hide the truth from the American people", Avenatti told reporters after court.

Prosecutor Rachel Maimim said the two Blackberries are now being hacked in the FBI's Quantico headquarters and suggested that the feds are slowly piecing back together the contents to the shredder, which Maimim said were "not voluminous at all". Avenatti, they said, focused on "smearing" Cohen. The revelation of that payment ignited a firestorm around Cohen and the president, and Daniels is separately suing Cohen and Trump in California to void the nondisclosure agreement she signed with Cohen.

"The irony of that, your honor, is fairly palpable", Avenatti said.

"It's important for the court to balance the slow, deliberate needs of those who are asserting attorney-client privilege", Wood said, "with the needs for an investigation to go forward". Written by Philip Bump and Mark Berman.

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