Republican Missouri Governor Eric Greitens is set to RESIGN

Republican Missouri Governor Eric Greitens is set to RESIGN

St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner announced Wednesday that she would dismiss the charge.

Eric Greitens, the embattled Republican Missouri governor facing a sexual misconduct scandal and allegations of misuse of a charity donor list, said Tuesday he will resign this week. "The Governor's decision today honors that duty and allows Missouri to move forward toward a better tomorrow".

"With no end in sight, I can't allow the forces against us to continue to cause harm, to the people I love", Greitens said.

As lieutenant governor, he was the first statewide official to be elected out of the county since 1928, when Charles U. Becker won his third term as secretary of state.

Gardner launched an investigation after Greitens admitted to a 2015 affair with his St. Louis hairdresser. Last week, the judge appointed a special prosecutor to investigate the case.

Greitens' attorney Jim Martin acknowledged reaching out to Gardner to resolve the issue.

The Republican-controlled Missouri legislature voted to convene a special session to consider impeachment and the front-runner to take on McCaskill, Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley called for Grietens to step down.

"It's time for all of us to come together", Gardner said.

"I will walk off the battlefield with my held high", Greitens said. He's also a former Missouri sheriff.

His departure elevates fellow Republican Lt. Gov. Mike Parson to the governor's office.

Greitens could face other investigations.

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The woman's then-husband released a secretly recorded conversation in which she described the alleged incident.

On May 17, Greitens suggested to a crowd of supporters gathered for an agricultural event that he wouldn't give up.

Gardner said in a statement that the last several months have been hard.

"I am not flawless".

"I am not flawless, but I have not broken any laws or offense worthy of this treatment", he said. "I don't believe the market was treating the state's constitutional crisis surrounding the impeachment process as any sort of a credit risk".

The Rhodes scholar and father-of-two presented himself as a family man during his 2016 campaign. After being wounded in Iraq, he founded a veterans' charity and became a bestselling author and motivational speaker.

Though Greitens had apparently chose to resign days earlier, he began the week as though he would continue his fight.

Greitens' affair became public on January 10, when St. Louis TV station KMOV aired portions of an audio recording secretly made by the woman's ex-husband in which she told him about her interaction with Greitens.

Greitens was arrested in February and indicted on a felony count of invasion of privacy, a charge that was later dropped. It might take weeks or months for the Baker probe to conclude - a period which could have paralyzed state government had Greitens remained in office.

After the initial invasion of privacy indictment earlier this several lawmakers from Franklin County including State Sen. It released a graphic report April 11 containing testimony from the woman alleging that Greitens may have coerced her into oral sex after taking the unwanted photo and had slapped and shoved her during subsequent sexual encounters.

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