Immigrant deportation part of new far-right government agenda in Italy

Immigrant deportation part of new far-right government agenda in Italy

Italy has been without a government since elections on March 4 failed to produce a clear victor.

Meanwhile, Conte, the new prime minister, remains relatively unknown.

28 May: In a day of rapidly moving events, Mr Conte takes his cabinet choices to Mr Mattarella but the president vetoes the choice of Paolo Savona as finance minister.

The Frecce Tricolori air force aerobatic demonstration team flies Saturday over the monument to the unknown soldier during ceremonies in Rome, marking.

Salvini campaigned on a pledge to deport about 500,000 migrants from North Africa living illegally in Italy, with the near-bankrupt government subsidizing their care to the tune of billions.

On Thursday, lawyer Giuseppe Conte was ordered to form a new government after Prime Minister-Designate Carlo Cottarelli returned the respective mandate to Italian President Sergio Mattarella.

After being sworn in, the ministers will face confidence votes in both chambers of parliament, where the M5S and the League have a majority.

"It's too costly to keep them in Italy, in hotels", Salvini said.

"Every life is sacred - to save lives you have to stop the departures of these death boats, which is a lucrative business for some and a disgrace for the rest of the world", said Salvini, who was sworn in on Friday as part of the new populist government formed by the League in coalition with the anti-establishment Five Star Movement.

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Days of negotiations have ended and Italy will have a coalition government, after all.

Di Maio also will serve as industry and labor minister, while Salvini will serve as minister of the interior.

Migration experts have stated that the appointment of such a radical leader will reduce rights of migrants and asylum seekers, in a country that already has difficulties in integration.

The spread, or difference in yield, between Italian and German 10-year government bonds, fell to 217 basis points after crossing the symbolic threshold of 300 basis points on Tuesday.

French far-right leader Marine Le Pen tweeted: "It's a victory of democracy over intimidation and threats from the European Union".

Public resentment over what was perceived as fellow European Union nations' failure to help ease the financial and logistical burden on Italy in caring for the flood of migrants helped boost the League's popularity.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker told a conference Thursday that he loved Italy, but refused to accept the frequent pass-the-blame mantra by Italian politicians that Italy's ills are the fault of the EU.

The foreign policy agenda of Italy's new populist government caused a stir on two fronts Monday, with Tunisia protesting a comment by the interior minister about migrants and the pro-Russia stance of the ruling coalition receiving scrutiny.

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