Trudeau expects 'difficult' conversations with Trump at G7

Trudeau expects 'difficult' conversations with Trump at G7

On Tuesday, Mexico announced a long list of United States' products it would start levying additional import duties on, less than a week after President Donald Trump's administration said it was lifting the exemptions given to Canada, Mexico and the European Union from higher tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from those regions.

When the British arrived at the White House, they found that President James Madison and his first lady Dolley had already fled to safety in Maryland.

The remarks are likely to create more economic uncertainty between Canada and the USA following Trump's imposition of steel and aluminum tariffs that now affect imports from this country, Mexico and Europe. Larry Kudlow, economic advisor to Trump, said Tuesday the administration wants to replace the agreement entirely, with separate trade deals with both the northern and southern neighbors.

The Commerce Department said foreign production of steel and aluminum was driving down prices and hurting US producers, creating a "national security threat". "He's sticking to his guns".

The story was "patently false" and inaccurately depicted a meeting in which Mnuchin didn't even speak, said Kudlow, who served as the Trump campaign's senior economic adviser. "The lines are open".

The system of global trade the US helped build in the aftermath of World War II, he said, was a "mess" that had "broken down". Washington has demanded that Beijing take steps to open its markets further to US goods.

The agreement governs trade between the US, Canada and Mexico.

President Donald Trump's recent tariffs against major US allies like Canada, Mexico and the European Union could cost the country 400,000 jobs, economists estimate.

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Sources claimed that the president invoked the War of 1812 when his Canadian counterpart asked him how he could justify the tariff change as a "national security" issue, which the administration had done under a 1962 trade law.

"I know we're going to have some very, very frank conversations quite clearly around the table", Trudeau told Global TV, adding he would convey Canada's displeasure over the tariffs personally when he met Trump in Quebec.

The move follows a US decision to impose tariffs on imports of Mexican steel and aluminum purchases, which took effect on Friday. In August 2010, a 20 percent tariff was imposed on apples as retaliation for the US restricting the flow of long-haul Mexican trucks. As of May 31, they've all expired, and the USA government decided not to renew them.

Governments hosting Group of Seven summits typically select themes that are as non-controversial as possible, and then couch them in vanilla language that everyone can get behind.

"Rio sells about 1.4 million tonnes, some 40 per cent of their aluminium production, into the United States from those Canadian smelters and it will be subject to that tariff", said Mr Driscoll.

"I will of course try to speak to the USA president about the current problems that we have overall, in particular on Iran and on trade tariffs", Merkel told the Bundestag lower house of parliament during a question-and-answer session with lawmakers.

"We believe that the meat [price] will go up 15, 16% and I think that it could have an impact on consumption, reduce consumption, and that's what worries me the most", said Víctor Manuel Ochoa, CEO of Mexico's largest pork producer, Granjas Carroll.

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