The Internet Reacts To Bethesda's E3 Conference

The Internet Reacts To Bethesda's E3 Conference

That should be a relief for players who don't like online only experiences and love their single-player games. Your friends can all join together into one world and work to create the ultimate shared base.

A post from the official Bethesda Twitter account confirms this is the method and the second confirmation is via Fallout 76's page. If you want to try this new title then you will have to pre-order Fallout 76. As we learned on Sunday at E3, it's a huge, sprawling prequel to all four main Fallout games. This space is used by other players, because Fallout 76 is entirely online.

Meanwhile, Fallout Shelter will have a release on the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch - and its going to come out later today.

The Elder Scrolls 6 does not now have a confirmed release window or list of platforms. Additionally, dying will not cause you to lose your character or the items they are carrying, which should severely limit griefing.

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Bethesda was on a roll at its E3 2018 event, where the company announced a whole bunch of games that the company is working on and we can expect to see in the future. The game won't be tied to specific servers, either.

Bethesda also showed two teaser trailers. It's basically what the box says, a strategy card game in the Elder Scrolls. It's also the publisher's first new franchise in 25 years. The latter is actually wearable for those preparing for the end of the world.

Expect Fallout 76 on 14 November on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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