Super Mario Party Revealed For Nintendo Switch, Launches This October

Super Mario Party Revealed For Nintendo Switch, Launches This October

Super Smash Bros, one of Nintendo's most beloved first-party franchises, is coming to the Switch. Nintendo is hosting its Nintendo Direct E3 2018 press conference on Tuesday, June 12, 2018, at 9 AM PT, where the company is expected to show off its upcoming projects.

This story is developing. Ultimate that even the most hardcore of fans will have trouble keeping track of, and I don't doubt that this incredibly ambitious game will change and evolve before it releases worldwide on December 7th. There's also an added ability to use powerful Smash attacks (not just the upward ones) right out of running, rather than get stuck with a dash attack, which was possible in Melee due to the ability to go into a crouch at any time while running.

If you were expecting a bunch of big Switch announcements for 2018 and beyond, the sheer focus on Smash might have been disappointing. Playing with the new characters and stages was a blast, but even small adjustments to mechanics and the presentation could make this the best Smash Bros. yet. Many eyes will be on the Super Smash Bros. Nintendo also added some of the most popular games from third-party publishers, including Federation Internationale de Football Association 18, NBK 2K18, Skyrim, Rocket League, Stardew Valley, and Minecraft. Elsewhere, Super Mario Party looks like it will pack in the usual range of button-mashing, frantic motion controls and clever challenges, all wrapped up in a suitably cutesy package. Head to our dedicated E3 2018 hub to see all the new releases, along with TechRadar's world-class analysis and buying advice about the next year in gaming. However, don't be surprised if Nintendo does decide to forego hardware altogether, as the Nintendo Switch is still doing strong. Fighting games are more like platforms for me than distinct entries in a series.

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The game, which pits up to eight players together in wacky yet intense beatdown battles, will feature every single character from Smash franchise history, no matter how fleetingly they may have appeared.

And the appearance of the multiplayer smash hit Fortnite on the Switch - as a free download - shows that third-party developers are willing to jump on board too. But only the Switch version of the $99.99 Starlink starter pack will include a Fox McCloud pilot figure and his iconic spacecraft Arwing, as well as exclusive Star Fox mission content.

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