Google Home And Chromecast Are Down

Google Home And Chromecast Are Down

If you're like me, using your Google Home is something that's become part of your daily routine, whether you use it for controlling smart home gadgets or checking on the commute to work.

Google is acknowledging the issue, confirming the problems to TechCrunch, but isn't getting specific at this stage.

While many users are now reporting that their Google Home is working properly, the outage map shows problems still exist along both coasts in the US, the Northeast, Northwest, Florida and parts of Texas. According to a thread on the r/GoogleHome subreddit, Google Home, Google Home Mini, and Chromecast devices were affected, and the issues seemed to extend worldwide, with problems reported in the U.S., Brazil, and Indonesia, as well as other countries.

What prompted the problem in the first place? Google has confirmed that Google Home and Chromecast are down for "some" of its users and that it's investigating the issue. Another Twitter user suggested that a recent privacy update caused the issue. And, if they attempt to reset the speaker, the Homes sometimes can not reboot at all. Soon after, those with Google Home devices also began reporting that their devices were encountering issues.

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@madebygoogle so, I completely depend on my Google home/Chromecast for entertainment.

Twitter is now swamped with outraged users hashtagging #Chromecast left, right and center. It wasn't just the Google Home that was affected either, with the Home Mini and Home Max also seeing downtime.

Problems with Google Home? A new update to address the issue should be rolling out to all users over the next six hours, the company said Wednesday evening.

"If you're still experiencing an issue after rebooting, contact us at Google Home Support".

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