'Creative genius' Roseanne Barr complains she's 'already said sorry' about racist tweet

'Creative genius' Roseanne Barr complains she's 'already said sorry' about racist tweet

Roseanne has vehemently maintained that she didn't even know Jarrett was black, she thought she was white.

Roseanne apologised some more, explaining how she couldn't believe the tweet had been flagged up for racism.

The 2009 Academy Award victor for best-supporting actress explained during a Morning News interview with Sam Rubin how Roseanne Barr supported her early on in her career, at a time when many people would not.

Tearing up at times, Barr said, "I want people to like me". She said she was stunned by the negative reaction to the tweet, which Hannity noted was almost universal. "That's what was in my head".

"If she's watching, I'm so sorry that you thought I was racist and that you thought my tweet was racist", Barr said.

"I thought it was part of the - you know, what was put before me to do".

"I have apologized a lot".

Barr also discussed her political journey from the far left to what she feels is the center, pointing to extremism on both sides of the spectrum.

"Of course I'd tell her, she's got to get a new haircut".

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Barr apologized publicly to Jarrett and donated money to groups that support African-American youth but she still faces negativity, Boteach said. "Martin Luther King said two things about forgiveness: He said... forgiveness is not an occasional act, it's a constant attitude, and... when we've lost the capacity to forgive, we've lost the capacity to love".

In defending her racist tweet-in which she called former Obama aide Valerie Jarrett an ape-Barr asked Hannity if he knew what it was like to be surrounded by people who think Trump is the worst thing that has happened to this country. I was so sad that people thought [the tweet] was racist.

Her explanations have shifted nearly since the controversy began.

In a live sit-down with Fox News' Sean Hannity Thursday, the 65-year-old actress said her tweet was simply political.

She expressed interest in talking to Jarrett, or perhaps working out a way to find a "teachable moment" in an encounter with her. "I asked them to let me go on The View and other shows and explain and correct that I didn't say what they were putting out there, and they said no", she said.

ABC has announced that it will produce a "Roseanne" spinoff called "The Conners" that features John Goodman, Laurie Metcalf and Sara Gilbert.

Barr also addressed Jarrett directly and apologized for the tweets, advocating for a broader dialogue on race relations.

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