Drugs gang offers £53k bounty for killing of Colombian sniffer dog

Drugs gang offers £53k bounty for killing of Colombian sniffer dog

Colombian narcotics officer Sombra - a decorated German Shepherd - is on the run after one of the most powerful drug cartels put a $70k bounty on her furry head.

She has been with the Colombian police for six years, since she was a puppy.

Sombra had worked in ports along the Atlantic coast, and recently sniffed out over 11,000 pounds of cocaine in the coastal town of Turbo, and found another 8,800 pounds of it tucked in cars to be exported.

The threat to Sombra's life was discovered via an intercepted phone call.

This is the story of a drug dog with a bounty on its head. Her nose for contraband has led to the seizure of nine tons of cocaine and the arrest of 245 suspects, NPR reports.

Drug cartels like the Gulf Clan have taken note.

News cited intelligence sources saying that the gang put a price of about C$91,000 on Sombra's head, and that the dog has been moved from the gang's operating centre to the airport in Bogota.

She now receives special protection from extra officers as well as her usual handler.

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The threat prompted officials to relocate Sombra - whose name in Spanish means Shadow - from the port of Turbo on the Caribbean coast to the capital city, where she now uses her extraordinary talent at Bogotá's El Dorado global airport.

Sombra looks for drugs in the cargo hold of El Dorado airport in Bogota, Colombia, on 26 July.

The leader of the Gulf Clan has offered $7,000 to the first person to capture or kill Sombra, after the skilled drug-sniffing dog has cost him over 2,000 kilos of cocaine.

As reported by the Guardian, the problem is due to the increased output of coca, the ingredient of cocaine.

President-elect Iván Duque is promising a tougher approach to speed up eradication with strategies that could include aerial spraying and the use of drones.

"She's playful, and in fact that is part of the development of her job".

In Colombia drug traffickers have established a reward of $70 thousand for the head of the police dog, which found a record number of drugs.

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