Shark Stolen From Aquarium Returned Safely

Shark Stolen From Aquarium Returned Safely

Salvaggio says the truck used in the heist was recovered Monday evening.

Three people are suspected of stealing a shark from the San Antonio Aquarium by hiding it in a stroller.

Police said a man removed the shark from the tank before it was put into a stroller. Then they stole a bucket from a filtration room and used that to smuggle the shark out of the aquarium.

"Sharknapping: Unsuccessful! Welcome home Miss Helen!" the aquarium said.

Leon Valley Police Chief Joe Salvaggio said one of the men grabbed the shark by the tail while the other two people involved wrapped it in a wet blanket.

Salvaggio said that one of the men had knowledge of aquariums and likely went to the aquarium specifically for that shark.

The thief in custody is said to have confessed to his actions and has not yet been named.

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The suspects could also face federal charges in connection with breaching regulations around transporting sharks.

"We are offering a reward for any tips that lead to the recovery of this animal", the aquarium said, without specifying what the reward would be.

An employee witnessed these freaky antics and immediately told aquarium managers.

The marine life in the garage was left in the care of the woman seen in surveillance footage. Cradling the shark in his hands, he walks past visitors looking at other displays and out of the camera's sight, leaving a trail of water on the aquarium's floor. Spellman confronted the group in the parking lot, but one of the men denied her request to search the truck.

Surveillance video, which the aquarium posted on its Facebook page, caught the heist as it happened. She said she told him she had seen water leaking from the baby stroller.

It is believed the man wanted to keep his newly-stolen shark so much that he even tried to dupe a police officer by claiming it wasn't the stolen shark at all, but an identical one he had bought.

A further post on Monday announced: "She's back home where she belongs!"

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