"Totally Legal": Trump Admits His Son Met Russian Lawyer In Election Year

Most recently, Trump tweeted about the meeting Sunday, saying it was meant "to get information on an opponent, totally legal and done all the time in politics".

"Sir, I was a lawyer for the Obama campaign, transition and White House", Eisen wrote in response to Trump's early Sunday tweet.

When the Trump Tower "dirt" meeting was first revealed last summer, Donald Trump Jr. claimed in a statement that the gathering had focused on adoption policy. Trump's morning Twitter post was his most direct statement on the objective of the meeting, though his son and others have said it was to gather damaging information on the Democratic candidate.

The Trump team has argued that Mr Trump Jr ultimately did not receive any damaging information about Mrs Clinton at the meeting.

Jay Sekulow, the president's attorney, denied the president was involved in drafting Trump Jr.'s initial statement that the meeting was about Russian adoptions.

Stephanopoulos played a clip from July 2017 in which Sekulow denied any involvement from the president.

USA media then reported that the U.S. president had been involved in the initial statement his son issued on the meeting.

When the meeting first became public knowledge past year, Trump personally dictated a statement for public release claiming that the meeting was called to discuss resuming adoptions of orphaned Russian babies by United States citizens. The surprising claim in Trump's tweet is that it is legal for a campaign to get information from a foreign entity about a political opponent.

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Far from something that is "done all the time", Trump's admission would make him the first US presidential candidate in history to admit accepting campaign aid from the Russian government.

"The question is how would it be illegal?"

Sekulow added that he has "no knowledge" of the president's son testifying to the special counsel's grand jury or being told that he is a "target", which is an official designation the Justice Department would use to tell someone that they are likely to be indicted. In it, lawyers stated that Trump had dictated the statement written aboard Air Force One as it flew back from the G-20 summit in Germany. He made the claim standing next to Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki last month, and then a day later during a Cabinet meeting at the White House.

President Donald Trump began his Sunday morning with media-bashing tweets so virulent - the "enemy of the people" are "very unsafe & sick!" and "can also cause War!" - that journalists and the Sunday morning Beltway programs immediately struck back. Mueller was appointed to take over the probe after the firing. "I am providing a great service by explaining this to the American People".

The federal tax and bank fraud charges Manafort faces are not related to the Trump campaign but Manafort's close relations with Russians and a Kremlin-backed Ukrainian politician are under scrutiny in the trial.

Sekulow also downplayed comments made by the president's other attorney, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who recently said that collusion is not a crime, calling them "rather unremarkable".

When asked to describe Trump's demeanor during his 1996 deposition, Zeitz said, "Donald was the Donald you see now".

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