Cotton Applauds Trump Administration’s Rollback of Obama Climate Rule

Cotton Applauds Trump Administration’s Rollback of Obama Climate Rule

The Trump administration has proposed a major rollback in Obama-era restrictions on climate-changing emissions from coal-fired power plants.

Tuesday's move opens a public-comment period on the proposal before any final approval by the president. Yet documents released on Tuesday showed the EPA estimated carbon dioxide emissions would be higher than under the Obama policy, while pollution-related premature deaths, hospital admissions, asthma cases and school absence days could be higher by 2030.

Members of the community grilled the Republican governor, who shares a similar opinion with the Trump Administration on his in regards to the rolling back of caps on power plant emissions.

Trump is expected to tout the proposal as a lifeline for coal at a West Virginia rally later on Tuesday (we'll probably also hear about CLEAN COAL!), but it's unlikely to save a dying, economically unfeasible industry. Officials pointed to the fact that the U.S. Supreme Court had stayed the implementation of the Clean Power Plan in response to a lawsuit arguing that the EPA had over extended itself. "The proposed rule would give our state's leaders flexibility to determine the best way to meet Clean Air Act requirements without forcing plant closures or sticking MS families with higher electric bills". "The levels of acid rain we receive and the amount of ozone pollution we experience is more determined by actions in these upwind states than in NY itself", Horwath said. "The administration is skating on very thin ice with this proposal", Revesz said.

Michelle Bloodworth, president of the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity, a coal lobby group, welcomed the EPA plan. Instead, it would leave regulatory authority for power-plant emissions to the states.

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According to Bob Perciasepe, president of the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions, "EPA is now proposing a plan that will essentially be ignored by most of the industry". It has contended that the new rule would empower states, promote energy independence and facilitate economic growth and job creation. Jerry Brown. Meanwhile, a dozen states that support Obama-era regulations vow to file court challenges to the changes. Cheap natural gas has been largely responsible for shuttering hundreds of coal plants in the U.S. The falling price of renewables has only further loosened coal's grip on the power sector.

Stevens says if the Clean Power Plan was implemented, it would have decreased the use of IN coal by about 10 million tons - resulting IN the loss of thousands of coal mining jobs. Gov. Jim Justice said the rule was "a big win for West Virginia".

Bill Wehrum, administrator for EPA's office of Air and Radiation, acknowledged that the industry "continues to transform in front of our eyes", he told reporters.

President Trump rolled back Obama's fuel efficiency rules earlier this month. I'm interested because this is impacting my health, it's impacting your health, it's impacting your health.

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