How ‘Plaid Shirt Guy’ Got Prime Seating at a Trump Rally

How ‘Plaid Shirt Guy’ Got Prime Seating at a Trump Rally

"I think I know why they removed me".

He urged Tester's defeat at a rally Thursday in Billings, Montana, and praised Tester's opponent, state Auditor Matt Rosendale. So whenever I disagree with him, you could tell that I disagreed.

That viral sensation is Tyler Linfesty, 17, a Billings-area high-school student who said his moment in the spotlight came about entirely by chance.

Before they were positioned behind the president, those situated in that area were told, apparently, that they must "clap and show enthusiasm" - a request Linfesty ignored.

Linfesty said those were "actual, honest" reactions he had to the President's remarks, adding, "I was not trying to protest". During the rally, he pinned the rose emblem of the Democratic Socialists of America on his shirt, the Billings Gazette reports.

"When I heard the policies, I disagreed with a lot of them", Linfesty said.

A woman later approached the man mid-speech and briefly spoke to him before taking his spot in the crowd.

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"Whenever we thought he said something completely outrageous, we would look at each other and say, like, 'Did he really just say that?' Did that really just happen?' " he said.

Linfesty is claiming that facial expressions are natural reactions to speeches of this kind.

Asked if anyone has been negative towards him, Linfesty said, "I mean it is the internet, so you are always going to find some negative stuff". He told the Daily Beast that the woman told him, "I'm going to take your place now" before making him leave. Shortly afterward, his two friends were also removed.

Linfesty said two talking points he could agree with was when Trump railed against NAFTA, and said the 2016 primary election was stolen from Bernie Sanders.

Mr. Linfesty said that his parents were told that a background check was conducted before he was offered his seating, but it's unclear what that entailed or whether Mr. Trump's campaign was aware of his political views.

"If the presidential cabinet believes that President Trump is "unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office" as the 25th Amendment states, then every minute they make excuses is a minute that our country is at risk", Warren wrote on her website. I wasn't clapping [when I disagreed with things he said].

Prior to engaging the Republican Committee about reserved seats, Linfesty said he always wondered how genuine the people behind the president were.

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