Cities: Skylines gets surprise release on Switch

Cities: Skylines gets surprise release on Switch

After the maintenance is done, version 6.0.0 will be available in the Switch eShop, and you will be able to purchase a Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

There are plans to expand their offerings of titles from their NES library, and featured a number of games in the presentation, such as Dr. Mario, NES Open Tournament Golf, Solomon's Key, and Metroid.

NINTENDO HAS CONFIRMED that its long-awaited Switch Online service is arriving next week.

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Starting 18 September, Nintendo Switch users will be getting an online service comparable to PSN and Xbox Live. There are options for both individual and family memberships (up to 8 users). If you decide that it is, then it's US$3.99 (~RM16.52) a month, US$7.99 (~RM33.09) for three months, and US$19.99 (~RM82.79) for a year.

Nintendo Switch Online will also bring with it a "Save Data Cloud backup" feature that will ensure that your hundreds of hours clocked up on Zelda won't be lost if your Switch goes to Borksville, or gets bricked by a 3rd party accessory. Not all games will support this feature, but it's a relief to see Nintendo add a feature that should have been ready at launch.

As well as enabling online play, it will give paying members access to a selection of multiplayer-enabled NES titles, cloud saves, special store discounts and offers, and a companion app for smartphones. You can make use of a seven-day free trial by signing up on the Nintendo eShop starting September 18. Another is a download code for Splatoon 2 in-game gear.

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