Inbox by Gmail will shut down by the end of March 2019

Inbox by Gmail will shut down by the end of March 2019

"As a result, we're planning to focus exclusively on Gmail and say goodbye to "Inbox" at the end of March 2019", Matthew Izatt, Product Manager at Gmail, wrote in a blog post late on Wednesday.

Launched about four years ago, the Inbox email app was created to work alongside Google's popular email service Gmail.

Google announced on Wednesday that it's shutting down its Gmail Offline Chrome app; it will be removed from the Chrome Web Store after December 3. In that announcement, the internet giant also said the Gmail Offline Chrome app would stop working at some point and recommended that users remove it and install the new offline functionality for the Gmail app instead. Gmail had a market share of 27 percent as of July, but Inbox, despite some initial hype from the tech press, was always a niche product.

High-priority notifications [Gmail app]: The Gmail app was not left out as Google also unveiled high-priority notifications.

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The Inbox is very different from Gmail's many features.

For users, making a move from Inbox to the original Gmail app won't be a hard task.

Google launched Inbox in 2014 as an experiment to try and change the way email was supposed to be used. Of course, people still love the UI of the app and its ease of use (including myself), but beyond March of next year, we'll no longer be able to enjoy that luxury. The guide provides Inbox users with information on how to use the same features that they've enjoyed on the revamped Gmail experience. The app was mostly focused on improving the user's productivity and it has attracted many users within a short timeframe. For Android, the Gmail app comes preinstalled for new devices as a part of Google Apps. "I'll see you there", - said the developers of Gmail.

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