Jimmy Butler requests trade from Timberwolves

Jimmy Butler requests trade from Timberwolves

Jimmy Butler's days with the Minnesota Timberwolves appear to be numbered. However, Butler was still interested in renegotiating his current contract and extending it this summer, which never came to fruition.

After news broke that Timberwolves shooting guard Jimmy Butler reportedly requested a trade from Minnesota, Butler exchanged jabs with teammate Andrew Wiggins and his brother on social media. Not just in terms of a roster gashed by the departure of the best player in the National Basketball Association but in terms of the mental and emotional strain that was apparent throughout nearly all of last season. They were one of the several teams to make an offer for Leonard before he was eventually traded to the Toronto Raptors. Butler has also prioritized the New York Knicks over the Brooklyn Nets.

Minnesota's training camp is scheduled to begin September 25, but Butler is reportedly optimistic a deal could be done before camp begins.

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But still, plenty of players get traded to teams that aren't on their "list". Butler was reportedly open to playing with LeBron James, but are now said to no longer be of interest to him because of the 14-time All-Star. I bet Butler would respect Leonard. Faried is included mostly to make the salaries match - he could provide some energy and rebounding this season or the Wolves could try to flip his expiring contract before the trade deadline.

We've all heard that Butler is fed up with the young "Timberpups" and wants to move on, possibly even angling for a trade.

They're both elite defensively and at least very good offensively. However, the Clippers can't convey a first-round pick until 2021 at the earliest.

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