Kanye West at the White House

Kanye West at the White House

It was announced earlier this week that Kanye West is slated to meet with fellow purveyor of "dragon energy" Donald Trump in the White House. The headline grabbing one-liners and unusual ideas thrown at the US President were enough to keep the media and netizens busy for days.

Apparently, Air Force One isn't good enough for the president anymore because Kanye thinks he should be flying high in a hydrogen plane that will be made by Apple. "We're going to have Apple - an American company - work on this plane", said the rapper.

If you ever got the opportunity to visit the President of the United States at their own house, you'd want to bring along a gift of appreciation, right?

Addressing the topic Thursday, West said he had at one point been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, but was later told by a neuropsychologist he'd been misdiagnosed.

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Asked if West could be a future presidential candidate, Trump said, "Could very well be".

Lemon further stated West does not represent the African-American community and the media needs to pull their cameras away from him.

After their embrace, Kanye was heard saying that Trump makes him feel like a superhero which is totally not an unusual thing to say. "You got to remove all that trap door out of the relationship". "I mean, could you be any more condescending to this man?" "You made a Superman cape for me". "Even the people who love Donald Trump should be like, well, maybe he's not the best when it comes to decision-making after this because not only was this a insane conversation for this White House, this is the kind of conversation that would typically be held between people wearing hospital bracelets".

They also blasted West's remarks on addressing police brutality and race in general, with Velshi calling it "mostly nonsense".

"You'd better play 4D chess with me like - it's Minority Report because it ain't that simple".

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