Melania's Spokesperson Responds to "The View" Mistress Insult

Melania's Spokesperson Responds to

During her new interview with ABC News" Tom Llamas, Melania was asked about President Donald Trump's cheating history, saying: "It is not concern and focus of mine'.

"Yes, we are fine", Trump said, responding to Llamas' question about if she still loved her husband. "I know people like to speculate and media like to speculate about our marriage".

Asked why Giuliani would have made that claim about her, she retorted: "I don't know".

Mrs Trump paused to think when asked whether the claims had hurt her personally - then offered a vague answer that appeared to blame journalists for spreading the stories. "It's not always correct stuff", she added in the clip released Friday.

"It is not concern and focus of mine", she said.

The spokesperson for first lady Melania Trump fired back at Yvette Nicole Brown for an underhanded jab at the expense of President Donald Trump and his marriage on "The View".

Melania said the constant barrage of embarrassing stories in the past year is "not always pleasant". "I really love to live in Washington and the White House", she said.

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'It's what media speculate, and its gossip.

A second woman, former playboy model Karen McDougal, also came forward with allegations that she and Donald Trump had a 10-month long affair a decade ago.

Mrs. Trump was interviewed on her Africa trip by ABC, which aired portions Friday on "Good Morning America".

"I know people like to speculate, and speculate about our marriage". This corroborates a statement that her spokesperson Stephanie Grisham released following an interview with the former NY mayor in June in which he said Melania didn't believe any of her husband's accusers. Melania "grew up in a culture of "boys will be boys, so just let them, ' and that's something many U.S. women (and men) fail to understand", they told us".

During the episode of "The View", things got heated with sharp comments toward the first lady.

Asked why she thinks Giuliani shared that, "I don't know".

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