The new Palm phone is exclusive to Verizon and costs $350

The new Palm phone is exclusive to Verizon and costs $350

He is also the brand ambassador for the company and will be wearing the device during warmup games and workout sessions. The Palm Inc was first to introduce personal digital assistant (PDA) device called as the Palm Pilot in 1990. Well, now a startup based in California is working with TCL Communications, a Chinese electronics and smart tech company, to reinvent and reintroduce Palm, and it's bringing yet another device to simplify your life.

If you're interested, the Palm phone is scheduled to release in November and will cost $349.99.

The company is pitching the companion device as an alternative to a smartwatch for fitness users since it has the same sensors and similar portability, but the extra benefit of two cameras, a keyboard and access to all Android apps.

It aims to help people take a break from their main phone, the firm said, despite being a fully functioning smartphone in its own right.

Palm's new companion device is now exclusive to Verizon, and whilst incorporating a 4G LTE chip, some commentators claim is simply an exaggerated smartwatch.

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Palm is water-resistant, about the size of a credit card (1.99 x 3.80 x 0.29 inches), and weighs about 2.5 ounces. There's also a 12 megapixel dual-lens camera at the back and an eight megapixel lens at the front for shooting selfies.

The Life Mode feature on the Palm Phone is created to eliminate distractions.

Just to stress this fact further, the Palm phone also comes with a special mode called Life Mode that "eliminates distraction by silencing incoming calls and notifications every time the screen is turned off".

In 2018, where the smartphone is all about the six-inch screen, TCL has made a decision to take us back to 2008 - half the display span, a tiny battery, but a promise of all-day battery life and multiple days on standby. It is equipped with an inbuilt storage of 32 GB. And let's say you want to spend $350 on the best Android phone money can buy. It even features its own version of Face Unlock via the selfie cam, though the verdict is still out on how secure it is. Additionally, it also supports advanced Wi-Fi with MU-MIMO.

Editor's Note: As this phone is an exclusive with telco Verizon in the USA we are unlikely to see it in Australia anytime soon. The Palm Phone isn't a full-fledged smartphone, although it comes with specifications that we often see in the entry-level to budget smartphones.

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