Moscow is concerned about escalation of tensions in Gaza Strip

Moscow is concerned about escalation of tensions in Gaza Strip

Gaza-based terrorists continued their campaign of arson terrorism against the Jewish state and launched dozens of balloons laden with flammable materials and explosive charges toward Israel on Thursday, some of which landed in the midst of Israeli communities surrounding Gaza.

The boys' bodies were wrapped in Palestinian flags and carried by mourners who shot in the air as they chanted "God is Great".

The Israeli occupation army has been deliberately attacking and killing Palestinian children.

"The commission's members will reiterate to the Egyptian delegation that the marches will go on because they are the right of our people to end the unfair siege imposed on the Gaza Strip", said Mezher.

Ibrahim al-Satari, the father of 13-year-old Mohammed, said he couldn't understand it. The area where the incident occurred has never been used as a site for protests. Later, he said, "I heard the explosion and I knew they were dead".

"The targeting of children or exposing them to risk leading to violence is utterly unacceptable", Stephane Dujarric said. The three, who the Gazan health ministry said were aged 13 and 14, were killed late on Sunday near the tense border between the Hamas-run Gaza Strip and Israel.

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For the last seven months, Palestinians in Gaza have been staging regular demonstrations along the Gaza-Israel buffer zone to demand the right to return to their homes in historical Palestine from which they were driven in 1948.

Thousands gathered Monday on the beach for a Hamas-led protest against the blockade.

Egypt and United Nations officials have been seeking a long-term truce between Israel and Hamas, which runs the Gaza Strip, with Qatar providing humanitarian assistance, AFP said.

More than 160 Palestinians have been killed in the protests since March.

One Israeli soldier has been killed along the border since the protests began on March 30.

Israel's citizens in the south again faced with Hamas' airborne arson terrorism. It says it is defending its border and accuses Hamas of exploiting young protesters.

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