The first foldable smartphone is here, but don't get too excited yet

The first foldable smartphone is here, but don't get too excited yet

We don't have a confirmed date yet but many are speculating it to launch on November 7 at the Samsung Developers Conference 2018 which is to be held in San Francisco.

Royole CEO Bill Liu said that the company has spent more than six years perfecting its flexible display tech in order to get all the necessary components to work as an actual phone.

The foldable smartphones are the future of the mobile phones which we will be able to see in the coming days. While this will undoubtedly see some of its upcoming features worm their way out from behind closed doors, such as the user interface, the extra communication with app makers is an effort to ensure a smooth release for the experimental device.

The race to develop a folding phone likely comes from the fact that modern phones haven't changed much in the last half-decade.

Samsung was the first tier-1 brand to bring the world's first curved screen-based phone- Galaxy Round.

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"Unlike our flagship products, the foldable phone is a completely new concept in terms of design and user experience, which requires a different approach", an anonymous Samsung official told Reuters.

Now that I've cranked up your excitement, it's time to deflate the mood ever so slightly because while Samsung, has indeed, teased a foldable device on its official Facebook page, the main image is all that we have to go on. It also talks about the USA for a foldable display. Now the company has several phones up its sleeves like the Galaxy S10 or the flip phone which is to debut in China but the foldable phone is said to be the most awaited-one out of all. Let's have a look at what all has been revealed around Samsung's foldable smartphone thus far.

The device does not fold flat and is quite hard to hold, according to Bell. The company could first unveil the phone in its homeland followed by other countries.

According to rumours, Samsung Galaxy X aka Galaxy F will have a large 7.3-inch screen when opened along with a 4:3 secondary screen. Yes, it feels a bit gimmicky, but the FlexPai does actually deliver on its promise of being the "first foldable smartphone".

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