Lesson from Air France crash in Lion Air probe

Lesson from Air France crash in Lion Air probe

A week after the disaster, there is still no answer as to what caused the crash.

It hit the pole at about 11am on Wednesday while manoeuvring in front of the terminal building. Based on the bulletin, it appears that the nose of the Lion Air aircraft pitched down during the climb-out phase in response to an erroneous input from the sensor. No injuries have been reported. (AAP) Family and friends of the Lion Air victims gathered at he crash site to farewell their loved ones after the October 29 tragedy.

A spokesperson for Boeing wouldn't disclose to CNN whether the directive was issued to operators of all Boeing aircraft, or just those who fly 737 MAX 8 planes, the same model as Flight 610.

The aircraft are not used by Australia's two major airlines, Qantas and Virgin Australia.

Indonesia's Garuda airlines said it hadn't received any bulletins from Boeing, either.

Experts say the angle of attack is a crucial parameter that helps the aircraft's systems understand whether its nose is too high relative to the current of air - a phenomenon that can throw the plane into an aerodynamic stall.

"When there was a problem, the pilot would write it down and the mechanic would do (a repair).Then the plane would be declared airworthy".

Boeing said in its statement that it had issued an operations manual bulletin (OMB) to 737 Max operators that advised flight crews to turn to existing procedures "where there is erroneous input from an AOA sensor".

Boeing declined to comment when contacted by Reuters.

The 737 Max has flight control systems which.

The Boeing 737 MAX is a more fuel-efficient version of the manufacturer's popular single-aisle jet.

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In a modern jet like the Boeing Max 8 that crashed, readings from airspeed sensors are processed by a computerized "flight management system" and sent to displays in the cockpit.

Attendees gathered on the deck of a ship that was ferried out to the crash site where Lion Air flight JT-610 plunged into the ocean at high speed. There were no survivors.

Lion Air reportedly knew that the plane - a brand-new Boeing 737 MAX 8, which the low-priced carrier had been using for only a few months - had malfunctioned on its second-to-last flight.

A preliminary report on the cause of the accident is expected at the end of the month.

Mr. Ramadhan had been a prosecutor in a district of the Bangka, where the plane would have landed. In 2015, a wasp nest plugged the sensors on an Allegiant Air jet leaving St. Petersburg, Florida, forcing pilots to cut the flight short and land in Orlando.

"We also plan to conduct a flight reconstruction to see the impact of the AOA sensor damage in the engineering simulator at the Boeing facility in Seattle". Police medical experts have received almost 140 body bags of human remains and have identified 14 victims.

Divers have been retrieving bodies for days, and the search efforts continue.

On Thursday (Nov 1), the SAR team found the flight data recorder (FDR) of the aircraft, and now the search focus was on another part of the aircraft's black box, namely, the Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR). The bulletin emphasized existing procedures for correcting the plane when it reacts to the erroneous data.

It seems patently obvious to say that such situations shouldn't happen in this day and age-and clearly the investigation is still in its earliest stage-but it is troubling to see something so deadly transpire in the most modern aircraft in the Boeing fleet.

"But it's a very curious thing".

Both flights crashed shortly after takeoff.

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