Florida 2018 Election: Recount in Gillum/DeSantis Governor Race

Florida 2018 Election: Recount in Gillum/DeSantis Governor Race

"We are committed to ensuring every single vote in Florida is counted". The losing candidate can refuse a recount, but Nicole "Nikki" Fried, the Democratic candidate for agriculture commissioner and Bill Nelson, Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate don't plan to. On Thursday, he tweeted, "Every voice must be heard in this race!" and encouraged people who had submitted provisional ballots to contact their local county supervisor of elections.

Gillum's campaign is now hedging on their candidate's Tuesday night concession of the race to DeSantis.

Thousands of ballots still remain uncounted, so it's too soon to say whether a recount will indeed happen in the race for governor.

The race for Florida governor appears headed for a recount, as Democrat Andrew Gillum continues to gain on Republican Ron DeSantis during the tallying of the final uncounted ballots cast in the midterm elections. Bill Nelson (D-Fla.). The margin of victory in that race has narrowed to 0.22 percent, which places it in manual recount territory.

Officials in Broward and Palm Beach counties still were counting ballots Thursday morning, The South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports.

On Wednesday, Caldwell led Fried by a.10 percent margin, or just 8,254 votes. In Florida, a margin of half a percentage point or less would trigger an automatic recount. She said Democrats set up phone banks and began calling those voters, urging them to go to county offices to present their identification information so that their ballots will count.

In a call with reporters Thursday, Nelson lawyer Marc Elias said that the race now stands as a "jump ball" as counties around the state canvass their votes, but he believes Nelson will remain senator once the recount dust settles.

"At the end of this process, we believe Sen".

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Elias, who had worked on successful Democratic recounts for former senators Harry Reid and Al Franken, said, "I couldn't tell you if Sen".

Scott's campaign has dismissed the possibility that Scott, who won his two previous elections for governor by 1 percentage point, could lose his lead. As long as votes are postmarked by Election Day, Nov. 6, they'll be counted.

"Let's be clear: When Elias says 'win, ' he means 'steal, ' " Scott's campaign said.

"It is sad and embarrassing that Bill Nelson would resort to these low tactics after the voters have clearly spoken", said a statement from the Scott campaign Wednesday.

In a conference call with county elections supervisors Thursday, Florida Secretary of State Ken Detzner said that counties should prepare for recounts. The deadline for the recount overall is November 15.

According to Florida law, if a vote margin reaches.5 percent or less, an automatic machine recount is triggered statewide. Duplicated ballots from the first recount are re-checked with their originals to make sure they're accurate. An overvote is when a voter fills in more than one circle on the ballot for a given race; an undervote is when a voter leaves a race blank. After its 2000 debacle, the state shifted to electronic voting machines, but later changed again to optical-scan paper ballots, the most reliable technology.

Like with the machine recount, the losing candidate can request the recount be canceled.

"On Tuesday night, the Gillum for Governor campaign operated with the best information available about the number of outstanding ballots left to count", Gillum campaign communication director Johanna Cervone said.

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