PUBG Coming to Xbox Game Pass on November 12

PUBG Coming to Xbox Game Pass on November 12

Microsoft announced today that its November 2018 Xbox Update is now available, adding mouse and keyboard support, improvements to the Xbox Skill for Cortana and Alexa, and much more to the Xbox One family of video game consoles.

Outside of mouse and keyboard support, Microsoft says it has expanded Xbox search functionality to include results from Xbox Assist and games you have "Ready to Install" or now own.

Microsoft has also drafted in Razer as its exclusive partner to create a "Designed for Xbox" mouse and keyboard, due to be unveiled at CES in January 2019. A major feature included is Dynamic Color support, granting developers access to the hardware's RGB features.

While most USB mice and keyboards should work, Microsoft wants to go beyond that - it's launching a "Designed for Xbox" program for keyboards that are designed with the console in mind. Right now, only fourteen games will support the input, but we should hear more news about future titles in the coming weeks. Matches will continue to be fair and balanced in Fortnite, it's simply your choice which input method you'd like to use.

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Today, Amazon Music is also available for Xbox One for U.S. users, with worldwide support in additional countries on the way "soon".

Only eight of the confirmed games will be available at launch, with Fortnite, the free to play third-person shooter game who has taken over the gaming world, is perhaps the most well known.

And that's not the only discount Microsoft unveiled: The Xbox One X is getting a Black Friday price drop to $399, a $100 discount on its standard $499 price, and all controllers (including the colorful Design Lab controllers) are $10 off.

The Xbox One November Update also brings Xbox Skill for Cortana and Alexa Updates, the Amazon Music app and Search Expansion. Now, the company has put its money where its mouth is - the functionality has officially been enabled as part of the Xbox One's November update.

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