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Home based TVS Motor Company on February 5 launched the racing inspired NTorq smart scooter. The TVS NTorq 125 boasts of a number of innovative features, some of which are not even present in motorcycles. The cycle parts are also premium for the NTorq 125. Because it's the most powerful scooter in TVS' line-up. The TVS SmartXonnect platform will allow features like navigation assistance, top speed recorder, display phone battery strength, give alerts for service reminders, etc on ...

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Google's February update, with all its novelties, should be rolled out over the air to Pixel smartphones in the next few days, and some users might actually get it today. The Pixel phones are known for taking super shots, and the Pixel Visual Core - which has eight custom Image Processing Unit (IPU) cores as you can see below (each with 512 arithmetic logic units or ARUs).

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However, Apple is a very shrewd operator and could offer Qualcomm a share in the chip supply in return for an out of court settlement in the patent lawsuit settlement. It means next iPhones will not be powered by Qualcomm chipsets. Intel is also said to be offering more competitive prices. The analyst also went on to repeat his earlier claim that this year's iPhones will feature 4×4 MIMO tech and faster LTE speeds thanks to an updated antenna design.

by | February 05, 2018 | 06:41

One of Tillerson's first trips as secretary was to Mexico a year ago, but this will be the first time he travels further south in the role. In Venezuela, Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino accused Washington of seeking to undermine democracy in Latin America and return to the days of "imperialism", lashing out at Tillerson during a broadcast on state television.

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With Mario Kart 8 Deluxe come second selling some 7.33 million units followed by The Legend of Zelda: The Breath of the Wild (6.70 million units), Splatoon 2 (4.91 million units), 1-2 Switch (1.88 million units), ARMS (1.61 million units), and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (1.06 million units).

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Using machine learning technology, Google has managed to identify and reject apps with abusive content before anyone could download it. "Not only did we remove more bad apps, we were able to identify and action against them earlier". With the launch of Google Play Protect , the annual PHA installed have apparently gone down by 50 per cent year by year, the company said. Google has been trying hard to keep harmful apps from its Play Store and it has been successful in its attempt ...

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No word yet on what engines will power the new Santa Fe, but Hyundai is promising a raft of new intelligent safety features, including Rear Occupant Alert (presumably to prevent absent-minded parents from forgetting their kids in the back) and an updated Rear Cross-Traffic Collision Warning system with auto-braking.

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Back to nearby: Facebook says it will distinguish neighborhood distributers by taking a gander at ones that are "tapped on by perusers in a tight geographic territory". With nearly 2 billion monthly active users worldwide, it is an important tool for publishers who want to attract more audience. "All of our work to reduce false news, misinformation, clickbait, sensationalism and inauthentic accounts still applies".

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The real government debate, says that source, is over whether the government builds the 5G network or whether it forces the carriers to build it as part of a consortium on the government's behalf. The rules for 5G networks are still being worked out by industry players. But the proposal - which would run counter to the longstanding U.S. policy of relying on private telecom networks - drew immediate rebukes from the industry and even from USA regulatory officials.

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Dozens of Russian athletes in recent months have been retroactively sanctioned for anti-doping rule violations in Sochi with Russia also being stripped of several medals. With the 2018 Winter Olympics just two weeks away (they start February 9), it's time for us sports fans to become experts at sports we really don't know anything about.

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Fans are going insane to watch the film despite some groups who are aginst the periodic drama for stupid reasons. Bollywood trade analyst Taran Adarsh shared the box office collection of Padmaavat on micro-blogging site Twitter and said that the movie is getting huge numbers.

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Investors shrugged off government data that put fourth-quarter United States growth at 2.6 per cent, below the 2.9 per cent expected by analysts. The Dow Jones Industrial Average opened at a record high on Friday, powered by gains in chipmaker Intel, and the other main indexes were higher as investors shrugged off weaker-than-expected USA economic growth data.

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That was the WWE-fied National Football League alternative that folded after just one season and lost tons of money for both Vince's WWE and partner NBC. It'll be important for players (and the NFLPA, and the media, and the public) to keep an eye on a fledgling XFL to make sure it's not sacrificing working conditions and employee quality of life in the quest for maximum profit.

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Once the update arrives, users will be able to measure the health of the battery and turn off an unpopular function that slows down iPhones to preserve battery longevity. This feature will be in Settings Battery and will be available on all devices after and including the iPhone 6 . As for the battery management, the iOS 11.3 would provide a new feature to tell about the battery health and status and would give suggestions if a battery replacement would be in need.

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An earlier Rolling Stone magazine story had Jacksonville listed at the bottom of John's available tour dates, but the tour will last well beyond the Jacksonville stop. These exclusive offers can include premium tickets, on-stage photo opportunities at Elton John's piano, backstage tours, limited-edition lithographs, custom merchandise and much more.

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In one of the highest rate of attritions seen at recent Dakar rally events, Sainz avoided any potential terminal trouble to remain in the hunt over the opening stages before igniting his charge at the midpoint with back-to-back stage victories to take the overall lead at the end of stage 7.

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In a detailed post on his Facebook page, Mark Zuckerberg writes "There's too much sensationalism, misinformation and polarization in the world today". The social-media giant, a major source of news for users, has struggled to deal with an uproar over fake news and Russian-linked posts, meant to influence the 2016 USA elections, on its platform.

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The H2A visa allows seasonal workers for agriculture and the H2B is given to those for non-agricultural work such as resorts. In a regulatory filing , DHS cited "high levels of fraud and abuse" from Haitians who use the program as well as a "high rate of overstaying the terms" from the visa recipients.

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Other new features will reportedly include a three-profile switch, three-level Hair Trigger Locks, a longer key travel for those interchangeable paddles, plus Windows 10 Bluetooth support. The images appeared on the Chinese social website Baidu , and they're said to show a new Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller model, one that hasn't been officially announced yet.