by | November 11, 2018 | 16:31

It shows that at 50-percent brightness, it's only a 14-percent difference, between dark and normal mode. The Verge noted the feature is meant to essentially push users into updating their apps ('s a fail-safe against those of us who refuse to update out of sheer laziness or, you know, because it requires like two extra steps).

by | November 09, 2018 | 04:14

But the Supreme Court today said it has denied petitions filed by AT&T and broadband lobby groups NCTA, CTIA, USTelecom , and the American Cable Association. Democratic FCC commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel, who had supported the 2015 Net Neutrality regulations , said, "it wasn't enough for this FCC to roll back It actually petitioned the Supreme Court to erase history and wipe out an earlier court decision upholding open internet policies".

by | November 08, 2018 | 01:25

It can be found as floor loot or in chests, Vending Machines, and Supply Drops in a Rare, Epic or Legendary variant. The new weapon landing in Fortnite this week is the Heavy Assault Rifle . Players also get extra loot and resources. However, the new mode involves more players. Those monsters will drop weapons and ammo when they're killed, and if you happen upon a gold monster, you'll get a legendary weapon for dispatching it.

by | November 07, 2018 | 09:00

The primary reason the 2019 iPhone 11 won't get this feature is that it won't create the "revolutionary AR experience" that Apple wants to create. Light as air, the new Macbook has a thinner profile and a new 13.3 inch retina display that features 4 million pixels.

by | November 07, 2018 | 07:17

The foldable smartphones are the future of the mobile phones which we will be able to see in the coming days. While this will undoubtedly see some of its upcoming features worm their way out from behind closed doors, such as the user interface, the extra communication with app makers is an effort to ensure a smooth release for the experimental device.

by | November 04, 2018 | 12:34

This is standard for carrier phones, but it's all new for OnePlus. You got that right it is . With the impressive design that almost eliminates all bezels and even one of the most diminutive notches around, the OnePlus 6T has the looks to command a high price.

by | November 04, 2018 | 08:06

This fingerprint reader isn't very common on Samsung smartphones but it is said to be much better than other in-display readers available on other releases . Instead of having prototypes and concepts, however, LG may indeed have some ready for market devices on show at CES 2019. Samsung is said to be working on its foldable phone, which could come right around the same time.

by | October 31, 2018 | 10:02

Thousands of "fans" of the Chinese smartphone brand OnePlus flocked from across India to witness the launch of OnePlus 6T , the ninth smartphone from its stable. Among some of the new phone's features is an in-screen fingerprint scanner and dual cameras, according to CNET . The OnePlus Explorer backpack will be available later on invite basis at Rs 4,990.

by | October 31, 2018 | 09:43

This brings a handful of new features, like Group Facetime , dual SIM support, camera improvements, new emoji, and more. The e-book, which serves as a digital manual for new iPhone users, now lists Group FaceTime as a iOS 12.1 feature.

by | October 31, 2018 | 07:41

Apple's metallurgy team has designed a new alloy such that even new MacBook Air is made from 100-percent recycled aluminum, reducing its carbon footprint by 50 percent. And at Apple's " There's More in the Making " event in Brooklyn, New York, we just saw its rebirth. All other ports have been eliminated, as expected in Apple's modern MacBook port strategy.

by | October 29, 2018 | 15:38

Earlier this week, we had compiled all the specifications and the expected pricing details of the device and today, the specifications of the device have been leaked again on Twitter by tipster Ishan Agarwal . The new OnePlus 6T is going to come with a larger 3700 mAh battery. Stay tuned with us to get all the updates right in the widget below. It will retain the same dual rear camera setup with 16-megapixel and 20-megapixel sensors and a 16-megapixel selfie shooter.

by | October 27, 2018 | 20:03

Some users also report that the app used up their carrier data even when the "Download over Wifi" was turned on. Google will charge hardware firms up to $40 (R575) per device to use its apps under a new licensing system to replace one that the European Union this year deemed anti-competitive, a person familiar with the matter said.

by | October 27, 2018 | 18:47

In towns - or in the grimy, captivating city of Saint Denis, a fast-modernising take on turn-of-the-century New Orleans that is truly a marvel - you can call out a greeting to anyone walking the streets and be met with aggressive wariness or a polite nod.

by | October 26, 2018 | 06:29

We explain how to clear your search history off of Google's servers using this new tool. Users had to open the My Activity page after signing in to their Google account to delete some or even all of the records. The investigation of Google+ was part of a larger internal review that prompted Google to overhaul some of the privacy features at a company that, until recently, has largely avoided the high-profile controversies that have engulfed tech firms like Facebook .

by | October 26, 2018 | 04:11

The effects of the scaled-down resolution are magnified by Red Dead Redemption 2's temporal anti-aliasing techniques, producing a blurry image that obscures details like tree branches while adding some weird dithering to shadows. It will enable you to interact with the in-game map ( as leaked here ) in real-time. While none of our own times here are firm for how long your own download of Red Dead Redemption 2 will take, this should at least give you a ballpark estimate of what to expect ...

by | October 22, 2018 | 07:31

According to , Black Ops 4 was in the top 10 games watched on Twitch for September 2018. And the game is being fine-tuned with player feedback via social accounts . So sit back as we do a runthrough of how the critics felt about Treyarch's latest instalment in its highly regarded FPS franchise. Black Ops 4's multiplayer is spectacularly good, though.

by | October 22, 2018 | 03:43

It will, however, come in a 128GB model - along with 64GB and 256GB options - which is said is the ideal storage option for a smartphone. While still pricey for a phone, it's the cheapest iPhone Apple has released without a home button, allowing more space for a bigger screen.

by | October 20, 2018 | 06:55

We are now just a few hours away from the official launch . Interestingly, it is first smartphone that comes loaded with nano microSD card support. The company is implementing three different focal lengths, with one 20-megapixel camera for super wide shots, one 40-megapixel shooter in a conventional wide-angle, and one 8-megapixel telephoto camera .

by | October 20, 2018 | 05:10

Japanese blog Mac Otakara is now getting in on the action. We'll have to wait and see what Apple has in store but it may not be the only new product revealed at the event. You can read a round-up of all the 2018 iPad Pro rumours and leaks here . We'll keep you posted on these details as we learn them, but will be bringing you all the latest from the event on the day.

by | October 19, 2018 | 16:02

The leader of the global independent semiconductor foundry market is highly dependent on the success of Apple's smartphones and tablets for its own success handling the making of the A12 chipset while also working towards the production of the next-generation A13.